History & Milestones


Star Diamond Company Ltd, is established in London.


Star becomes a De Beers Sightholder.


Opening of international offices in Belgium and Israel and New York. The US office is established in partnership with Zale and focuses on the manufacturing of jewellery. After buying out Zale in 1967, Star becomes one of the largest fully independent manufacturers and distributors of jewellery in the U.S.


Opening of offices in Mumbai.

1965 onwards

Star commences large industrial diamond trading relationships with the U.S.S.R., China and the U.S., pioneering relationships that provided access to both a deep portfolio of diamond inventory and end consumer purchasers, enabling vast strategic expansion for Star Diamond.


Star becomes increasingly involved in purchasing polished diamonds from the U.S.S.R.


Recession hits and diamond prices slump, Star's role as a leading international diamond company enables the business to take over the employment of 2,500 diamond polishers in Israel, meaning Star plays a leading role in rescuing the Israeli diamond industry thereby maintaining manufacturing output, prices and jobs.

Mid - 1980's

Star develops a range of new alliances and joint ventures to participate in the development of the Indian diamond business making Star Diamond a catalyst in the Indian diamond industry - financing the industry from Belgium. At this stage Star plays an increasingly important role as a buyer of Russian rough from ‘window‘ sales in Moscow.

Early 90's

Star Diamond commences mining exploration in Guinea.


Merger of LSL Inc. and Star Diamond Trading Inc. in New York, to become the Star Diamond Group Inc.


Star Diamond pursues a corporate strategy of being close to the source meaning that the business intends to strengthen its relationships with major mining houses as suppliers of rough diamonds thereby increasing the company's market power.


Star makes a key mining investment in South Africa at the same time as developing a new patented diamond cut, the Regent Cut. The company remains active at all levels of the diamond pipeline.


Opening of a new Star Diamond office in Geneva.


Purchase of Diamond Manufacturing Botswana Pty Ltd, the first diamond manufacturer established in Botswana - now a major international diamond hub, Star's first mover advantage enables them to secure important strategic deals.


Star Diamond Group signs a joint venture agreement with Adler for supply of large polished diamonds and jewellery manufacturing. 


Becomes BHP customer enabling the business to secure a greater supply of rough diamond.


Star Diamond Group's international operations continue to expand and the company launches a new consumer facing brand: Star Diamond: The Private Jeweller selling important diamonds direct to high net worth individuals.