Regent Cut

Descended from the most perfectly cut Crown Jewel in history, The Regent Diamond, the patent protected Regent Cut is the world's first Hearts & Arrows square cut diamond. A modified square brilliant, it is also seen as a style of Cushion Cut. Pioneered by Star Diamond Group, the perfectly symmetrical Regent Cut offers exceptional light return - unequaled when compared to other square cut diamonds and comparable to ideal cuts when graded against round stones.

Star Diamond - The Private Jeweller

Following multiple organic enquiries Star Diamond began to service the specific needs of high net worth individuals, a new customer group. In the world of high diamonds, a private, dedicated one to one consultation is highly beneficial. Star Diamond's established position in the diamond industry and our ability to source the finest and rarest diamonds from rough, combine to deliver an unmatched level of service. Today this business has grown and we are proud to have become a select private diamantaire to an exclusive clientele of diamond aficionados across the globe.


Botswana Diamonds

Since 2004, Star Diamond has led the way by investing, alongside the Government of Botswana, in state of the art factory facilities to polish certified diamonds. “Botswana Diamonds” is the country's first diamond brand. A minute inscription, not visible to the naked eye, appears on each stone and guarantees its origin and its conflict-free status, Star Diamond's creation of this brand represents a significant investment for the people of Botswana who are incredibly proud of their diamond industry.

Remy Martin & Baccarat

In 2001, Star Diamond entered into a strategic brand partnership with Remy Martin and Baccarat. As part of the internationally acclaimed collaboration the businesses interpreted their core brand values to create a series of exciting new products, including uber-premium cognac in Baccarat crystal bottles with a Cognac diamond set in the stop and limited edition Rémy Martin necklaces and tennis bracelets.